Advice needed re. delivery by courier.

    I am in the process of making my first to sell listing on thebay and am just wondering what the cheapest option for arranging a delivery would be. The item weighs max 3Kg and other sellers with the same item have del @ 5.99 but RM charge around £8+, how do they do it?
    Also roughly how much would thebay charge for a sale @ £15 + delivery?
    fyi: i am based near brum.
    Thanks in advance for any help.


    £8 using dhl via [url][/url]

    there may be cheaper like parcel tree etc but they also make have franking machines or a business account with a courier

    try ''shiply'', you describe the job, then couriers place bids on it, was good in my experience

    hey if you search for a courier in ebay they bring up some £4.99 ones sometimes or £5.99. you just purchase thorugh them and most of them bring up a form to fill in about measurements and things

    i have used them about 7/8 times and had been brill and most of them where DHL that picked them up xx

    Standard parcels via royal mail is only £6.85 which is a bit closer but I have to admit that I have occasionally taken a loss on my p&p to entice people to bid for my item rather than someone elses and this is probably what these ebayers are doing. You'd be surprised how much difference the postage costs make to a bidder and you'd probably get more people bidding and therefore make more money anyway.
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