Advice needed re Technika 4GB Video MP3 player with FM tuner.

    I've got 2 of the above to sell but only 1 disc, is the disc essential? As you can tell I know nothing about these.

    They were bought in October but hardly used.I couldn't get on with them and my boys had trouble using them.(they're 7)

    Any pointers on value etc appreciated. I may open a FS thread but I have no feedback here only on ebay.

    Thanks in advance.

    Mods : Please move if this is in the wrong place. Thanks!


    Do you have to use a particular program to put songs on there?

    If you can drag and drop files on there you can assume that windows sees them as removable storage, and therefore the driver disk isn't needed

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    If i only knew!!!! I used Windows media to load. I've just realised that the disc states "Video converting tool and user manual".

    Why not just copy the cd?

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    See, told you I knew nothing!!! Thankyou.:oops::oops:

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