Advice Needed: Red Wine Cocktails

Found 17th Apr 2009
Painting the town red tonight and having a few drinks arounds mates before hand. Got a few bottles of Merlot building up around the house that i might aswell use but im not exactly fond of the taste, so im looking for tried and tested cocktails made from a red bottle of wine.

Red Wine Cooler:…002

I came across the above and it looks simple enough to make but does it taste any good?
Any advice or recipes will be welcomed with open arms!
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Best use for red wine (other than as red wine) is a nice Sangria, decent recipe here:…spx

Trick is to chuck as much mixed chopped fruit in there as you can find, the wine flavored fruit is tasty and refreshing as you lay into the booze. It will also work well in many punches.
I agree with the above post - sangria is sooooo easy to make you won't waste valuable drinking time
excellent just what i was after
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