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Advice needed regarding Faulty Sofa from SCS

Posted 4th May 2013
Good Afternoon.

I hope some one can help me regarding a Sofa I recently bought.

After 14 Days of receiving the Sofa I phoned SCS and complained that the Sofa Creaks very loudly and the seating is not correct compared to the other Sofa we received....Dip down so much that is impossible to stand up without assistance.

Three Weeks later they sent some one to inspect the Sofa. He agreed that the sofa seating was dipped and offered to come back at a later date and install support pads! No manufacture fault admitted though.

He really struggled identifying why it was creaking and offered to Glue the Timber frame in the area which the creak came from. He admitted that this was a manufacture fault.

I refused the Pads and Gluing and said I would like a replacement..... You would of thought he owned the company !

Any how, what is my position regarding the law? I have had the sofa for nearly six weeks now, they are so slow at responding. I am awaiting head office to call me.

Am I entitled to a replacement or do I need to accept the repair and support Pads?

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