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Advice needed regarding Nissan Almera engine problem

Posted 23rd Jul 2009
Hi I have a 2000 plate Nissan Almera 1.5 and the engine management light has come on. I had it diagnosed and the computer came up with a crank angle sensor defect. The rev needle moves up and down and the car jerks in low gears most of the time.

The mechanic told me that the crank/cam sensors come as a pair and replacing those may not cure the problem as it may be the timing chain that is stretched and there is no way to tell which is causing the problem until you replace one or the other. From his experience he said it's most likely going to be the chain. Another mechanic doubted it would be the chain as defective ones usually cause a rattling sound but I went back to the first mechanic and he said sometimes it doesn't rattle. I have even read on other message boards that it may not rattle but still be faulty.

The sensors cost £110 and the chain is over £400 and it may need one or the other. I wouldn't mind spending the £110 but no way do I want to pay £400 on a car that isn't worth much. From what I have read it looks very likely that I will need a new chain. The guy who diagnosed it (who charged me £25 just for the diagnostics) said he can check the protrusion on the tensioner which will show me if the chain is stretched or not but he is asking for £30 and frankly I think he is trying to rob me and he also doesn't look very competent. What I would like to know is if anybody knows of any reliable mechanics in the Bradford or West Yorkshire area that can tell me exactly what the problem is so I know where I stand.

I want to sell the car in 6 months anyway so I would also like to know if it will last me until then or would you reccommend selling immediately?

Thanks for any help.
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Stretched chain? If that is the case why don't cars with standard belts exhibit such problems? Can they not just reset the timing on the chain?
Your chain is defo strectched - i've done many with the same symptons...... you don't always get a rattle.
Start by getting your engine code - then go fleabay and look for the chain kit. Good luck.
My Nissan stalled without any warning while overtaking another car, and I escaped death by pure luck.
When I spoke to Nissan they said this is caused by a timing chain fault and costs £900 to fix!
There's a recall but my car is not included.
Will avoid Nissan cars from now on.
Does this problem also happen in Almera and Almera Tino 1.6 or 1.8 engines?

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