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    Hi, all just bought a blu ray home cinema system today, only problem i have with it is the 2 tall boy speakers are supposed to be at the front, and the smaller ones are supposed to be at the back.
    The smaller ones have the cable connected inside of them, and because it is new i do not want to open them up, but the tall boys have the connections on the back, but the cable is too short for them, as they are designed for front

    Long story short, i need new speaker cable to run around my room for the tall boys, i am currently using old speaker wire i used for my car, sure it was from poundland, so can anyone reccomend where i can get new wire, which is good quality and not too dear. (not sure whether or not dearer cable is any better)

    Found this on ebay, would this be a good buy?

    Any help is appreciated


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    http://e b a…853

    link didnt show in original post, so here it is
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    Could try Richersounds if you have one near you.

    In my opinion spending lots of cash on expensive cable depends on how good the kit is on either end and how much of an audiophile you are. This cable from CPC is flat and goes under carpets, it is more than good enough for you average home cinema system but you might have a problem terminating it in small connectors, It is often worth using some of the supplied cable and doing a solder joint with heatshrink over it.

    Here is the link:…173


    eBay have plenty of sellers who do 363 strand 2 x 2.5mm ofc cable that should suffice for most setups, I think I paid something lile 8 quid for 15 meters.

    Speaking from experience, don't go nuts on stupidly priced speaker cable, the difference is negligible. If people don't believe me open up the speaker and see what they use to hook up the woofer/tweeters - get something similar to that, anything else and it is a false economy.

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    thanks for the advice guys, for some reason this didnt post up straight away last night so i just went ahead and bought the stuff from ebay, if that doesnt sound good, then i will use 2.5 single core (im an electrician, so not hard to get lol)

    really appreciate the responses though.
    i thought along the same lines as you aircannon, but i lose count of the amount of people who dont agree, so i thought i'd ask for peace of mind
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