advice needed to create restore disc for acer aspire one netbook,

    hi, i am new here and would like to ask somebodys advice please x
    i have an acer netbook and want to create a restore disk as it seems to have a problem, i was using it fine but now i can not get the internet to run it seems to be something about running with no add ons and i cant change this. i have tried doing restore points but they fail also.
    can i connect my laptop to the netbook and use this as an external drive to create the discs or do i have to buy a seperate external disc drive?
    many thanks for any help


    What OS is installed on it? What's the exact error your getting when attempting to connect to the internet? How are you connecting to the internet (Wifi / Ethernet cable). Are you able to ping anything on your LAN? Can you ping [url][/url]

    If the only problem is that you can't connect to the internet, I think you're better off trying to resolve that issue than restoring your machine, I'd save the restore option for the VERY last resort after you've tried other things.

    You can connect your netbook to your laptop using a cross-over cable or going through your router but only for file sharing etc not for making a restore disk.

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    hi, thanks for your response, it is running on xp and via wireless connection.
    if i click on explorer icon a page appears as if directing me to homepage then just vanishes away.
    my hotmail msn thing says signed in and my wireless connection is on. i have tried creating a new internet explorer browser , but didnt work page just vanished again.

    hmm .. ok, do you have any anti-virus software installed? It may be worth doing a scan.
    Check to see if you have any internet connectivity at all:
    1) open a cmd prompt -hold down the windows key + the "r" key
    2) type cmd in the run dialog box
    3) type "ping" (without quotes).

    If you get "request timed out" then you netbook cant access the internet and you may have to change some settings. If you get "reply from ..." then all is good but maybe a problem with your browser.
    You could try using another machine to download an alternate browser (ie. firefox / ]chrome / opera) and copying the installer to your netbook and installing that.
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