Advice needed what action should i take regarding this thread....

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    The problem:

    Phone purchased as a present, xmas arrives, the sim wont work inside it. So i contact seller and they say its a sim problem, so i reorder a micro sim problem still there....


    says warranty until october, why not get it checked over at an apple store?

    agree with gentletouch-take to an apple store,get their opinion and take it from there,then you have solid ground to work from. Otherwise you just get into a whole cycle of "was working when I sent it" etc etc which achieves nothing really-if its under warranty apple will fix the problem or tell you what the error is,whether it really is unlocked etc


    can you actually buy 'factory unlocked' iphone4 phones?

    As you mention the IMEI number isnt the same, it looks like the phone was replaced via apple store, they took the old one in, and gave a replacement..the original was locked to a network, however it looks like when apple provided the replacement they activated the phone, they also unlocked the phone - even though they shouldnt of done.

    But now when seller, restored the phone to get rid of all information, it also gets rid of any unlock apple may have put on. So the phone is locked to a network - just need to find out which network it is on.

    Note - this is only a possibility what could of happened

    ---anyone saying take it to the apple store, they will not be able to help him - as they will basically tell op that he needs the sim that came with the phone to activate it, they wont replace it as there is nothing wrong with the phone . They might be able to provide some information regarding what network it is on maybe other than that, he will just waste alot of time queuing to see a 'genius'

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    Would defo go to an Apple store, they should be able to tell you the problem there and then.

    I just had a 3GS swapped out at the Southampton Apple store, when I asked if it was unlocked as the original was the guy told me that if the original was then that one would also be as it would be shown as a swap out on iTunes. We plugged it all in and it was unlocked, I do not believe this can be cleared by any kind of reset

    if the phone is purchased unlocked, when the serial number is entered, they will use that infomation to provide a like for like phone e.g an unlocked one for an unlocked one - which cannot be 'locked' by hard resetting the phone.

    But if it was replaced and it was originally locked to a network, the phone they provide is also locked to a network - however upon activation apple can unlock the phone in store(they're not supposed to) -however if a hard reset is done, the unlock on that network is removed and it requires it to be activated through the original network
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    Main thread updated. I don't see the purpose of this thread remaining.

    Restoring the phone does NOT relock it.

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    Restoring the phone does NOT relock it.

    Exactly esp if its sold as sim free, quite possible apple has mucked up as both buyer n seller think theyre right.

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    Ive purchased loads for family members and a couple for myself too which were officially unlocked or got officially unlocked and restore. They stayed in the same state.


    Apple products are such a pain in the butt. I'm so glad I will never be faced with issues like this again.

    Agree with others saying return to Apple, When you started messing with the OS and resetting, you've effectively accepted the phone as is. If you had contacted the seller beforehand to state the problem and sought their approval to start playing, that resolves you, but it sounds like you didn't.

    I doubt you would get any joy from a small claims court for that reason either.

    Seems strange that Collateral Damage is involved here and didn't purchase himself. That seems very suspicious, particularly after the previous events and damaged phone he sold to the same guy. Why did you act on his behalf? I think aSB is asking the same thing and quite understandable.

    However, good luck with your endeavours. Hope Apple can sort it out for you.

    Ive read the other thread, but I am confused?

    Did the seller send you a faulty phone?
    If its not 100% working upon arrival, then you should get a refund.


    Seems strange that Collateral Damage is involved here and didn't purchase … Seems strange that Collateral Damage is involved here and didn't purchase himself. That seems very suspicious, particularly after the previous events and damaged phone he sold to the same guy. Why did you act on his behalf?


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    Restoring.the phone is not messing around. Putting the fact aside it was purchased for a third party the phone wasn't sold as described. The only thing done was a simple restore on iTunes due to the phone.not.recognizing the sim so another sim was ordered.

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    Having the old imei numbers I have spoken to apple Nd they said the original handset was purchased from T-Mobile

    Hence the phone is locked to t mobile, i said its most likely locked to a network and not sim free.

    On a side note, depending what network your looking for the phone to be on, i have an 'new' iphone 4 locked on o2. Its 32gb. Its new in the sense apple are sending me out an replacement. I should have it here by Wednesday - its coming shipped from apple. So if your interested in trading i might be up for that. Let me know.



    going to third this, something just doesn't sit quite right.

    It looks as if marz bought the phone for collateral damage as he was forbidden to buy one for 7 days for having 2 wanted threads open and not as a christmas present.…595
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