Advice needed: What's the cheapest way to get from London to Glasgow....

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Found 30th Jun 2007
...that's not the megabus.

I'm tall and the lack of space makes for a highly uncomfortable journey.

I usually take GNER but do any of you deal experts know any tricks or ways to get up to scotland for cheaper?

many thanks.


£45 return by plane ]http//ww…rch

cheapest way ? walking


Have you tried ticket splitting?

I.e. I need to go from Birmingham to Taunton in July - £42 for a single ticket but when I book Birmingham to Bristol for £9 and then Bristol - Taunton for £9 it costs me £18 total. Plus...IT'S THE SAME TRAIN! I mean, exactly the same train as the full single ticket.

So, if you look in the travel section for MoneySavingExpert:

They have links to the best sites for finding info:
I get ticket price info from ]nationalrail.co.uk and train line info from ]transportdirect.info as when you search for ajourney, you can cclick on the train picture after the results have come up and it will show you where your train stops and starts (useful for the experimenting with where to buy your split tickets to).

I know Manchester is usually a good place to split ticket to Glasgow as there are the megatrain £1 fares from there.

This is a thread where people report good splits
and halfway down that page is a lady trying to do London-Glasgow and people's replies.

Hope that helps.

Oh, and the other thing you can do on GNER if they have a separate dining carriage is go and have a meal (its open to standard ticket holders as well as first class if you are eating) and if its not busy, they don't kick you out - so you get a 1st class ride for a standard ticket!

im going for 2 pence return on tuesday god bless ryanair

Original Poster

thanks folks.
will check those out in ernest.

I should have said, i'm going there next weekend. been too skint to get the early train ticket this month so some level of canny is required to get there on the cheap.

any more advice would be most appreciated.
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