advice new build house kitchen ceiling leaking!!!

Posted 25th Feb 2008
ok so ive moved into a new build house and the other day i noticed when using the bathroom directly above the kitchen the kitchen ceiling starts dripping which i believe is a leak
obviously paying 250k and being a brand new house and everything i dont expect the leakage and im quite angry, obviously theres a 2 year garuntee anything goes wrong they come out and fix it

but im so mad i feel like sueing them and getting compensation
any advice out there and do i have a leg to stand on lol?

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I'd be well p'd mate. Probably built by cheap kosov... Best not else i'll be accused of racism or something, even though i'm probably right:roll:

By the way I though new builds were covered for 10 years? If not it just shows they know the quality of the build:x

I may be wrong but as far as sueing them, I don't think you have a leg to stand on, as long as the fix it as per the terms of the guarantee and repair any damage caused.

I can understand why you mad, but it's just one of the risks of buying a new house (or a new car for that matter). Until they have been used for a while, some faults won't show up - hence why you get the gaurantee.


By the way I though new builds were covered for 10 years? If not it just … By the way I though new builds were covered for 10 years? If not it just shows they know the quality of the build:x

I think thats just for structual damage.
Contact the house builders.
NHBC/Zurich 10 year gaurantees are really only for the structure of the house. You are lucky to have a two year gaurantee, most new homes you have a fight after the first couple of months.
In my business I have seen floors that slope and dodgy plumbing is common, they get paid per house not time spent. My kitchen units were different colours...luckily I noticed prior to exchange, and forced them to take it out and start again.
If they do the repairs...and I recommend you hang around to check on what they do, and make good the ceiling, (make sure it is fully dry before they slap paint over it, otherwise it will discolour in the future) then that is their obligation fulfilled, doesn't matter if you pay £250k for a property or £2 mill.
Talk to your neighbours as well, there may be common faults that you need to check for.
Thats disgusting!

At least you are within your guarantee and as already suggested can make sure it is sorted out to a decent standard.

Good idea as Agent_Silver said to have a chin wag with the neighbours as to common faults etc.

Good luck
yeah i agree, no cause to sue them im afraid, you will not be financially out of pocket, and you cant even legally claim for time taken off work etc to allow them to visit its a clause under the buyer beware premise, if you have a 2 year guarantee against this sort of thing you have done well, i built my own house and ensured it was done well, but after a couple of months a plastic fitting failed and flooded the main bathroom and went through the kitchen ceiling, no one to blame its just one of those things im afraid.
mmmmmmmm wise words
i thought it would be quality build as well
for example my bath sink the base aint even attached it can wobble lol
It is disgusting, but as already stated you cant sue them as some problems dont become apparent until the place is lived in.

They will repair the fault and any damage caused.

We bought a new house 2 years ago and had nothing but troubles for the first 18 months. The worst being the fact we couldnt get a decent temperature coming out of the shower, then one day it just stopped completely.

We called the people who built the house who came out spent 5 minutes looking at it and then told us the shower unit itself need replacing and we would have to contact Redring, we did that and they promptly came out and spent 20 mins messing about then asked if he could go in the loft. 10 minutes later he was back down asking who installed the system because they had hooked the hot water to the cold water intake and the cold water pipe wasnt connected to anything and hadnt been used. Much arguing with builders later they paid for the Redring call out and came round and fixed the plumbing (breaking the loft hatch in the process).

This as well as the bath sinking 5 inches, the walls cracking left right and centre and breeze blocks crumbling at the touch. All enough to put me off buying a new house ever again.

My neighbours all had similar types of problem the worst being in the house opposite me, the owners kept getting a shock when going to the kitchen sink. On closer investigation they found a bare live wire under the sink touching the metal underside.
builders expect lots of call outs in the first few weeks of the house being used. its only when the house starts being used that some faults appear.

don't stress, keep a look out for them in your street and grab one.
pedestals that don't reach the sink, nails through wiring in floorboards, windows with gaps, or filled with foam, if you are lucky enough to have your garden turfed, two inches down it will be hardcore, gas pipes with kinks, hot and cold taps that swith sides from basin to basin, plaster skimmed so thin it falls off when you nail a picture up, flooring that isn't cut to end at joists, eventually breaking after you have carpeted, ubends not tightened properly....the problem is unlike a car no one does a pre delivery inspection, everyone should inspect their new home before exchanging, even a visual check would show up some of their shenanigans.
Cracks in walls are actually really common, especially in bedrooms above patio doors. Cracks where the ceiling meets the wall are caused by it drying out, can take months to not redecorate when moving into a new home until at least six months have gone by, and if you hang pictures expect them to go mouldy...happened to me.
LOL thats 2nd hand next time for me then
from above that sounds totally spot on, they are companies intending to maximise profits using the crappest cheapest materials
paid 5k for ''upgrades'' as they say and it looked like argos flat packed materials lol
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