Advice : New TomTom 910

    Bit of advice please. I have been offered a 'new' TomTom 910. This was a high end model but around 2006/7. Comes with Europe and US maps. It has never been used or plugged in.

    What would be the likely outcome of plugging it in for the first time. My understanding is any latest map guarantee won't work as it will be out of date, so it will update minor changes but offer to allow me to buy new maps. How much for these and is this what other people think will happen? It's a private sale. I have had TomToms already so have accessories to fit this 910 and my current one is on the blink.


    Plenty of sites to get maps from, If your happy with the price then I'm sure it'll be ok, You may even be offered the latest map/s but treat that as a bonus. Didn't think latest map guarantee ran out, If it's never been switched on then I think you have 30 days to update.

    It'll probably offer you updates first and then you chose to use latest map guarantee via TomTom Home software.

    If it is brand new then the map updates should work.

    If they don't then it's been used on another account
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