Advice on 3 network please in St Helens area....

Hi, looking at getting a Samsung galaxy s2, wanting 12 month contract and come across a good deal with 3......
Can anyone in the St Helens area (merseyside) please tell me how good is your signal?
I have gone on the signal checker and for some reason my house says I will probably struggle to get a signal indoors???
What is the point if I can not make calls but I would appreciate if people can tell me if they get a good or bad signal in or around this area before I make the plunge!
I know I should be able to return it but it is the hassle when really I just want to buy it and play with it!
Thanks for your help.


I stay in the area reasonably often on business and have 3 mobile broadband and never had a problem with it, also staying in hotels at Haydock, Newton le Willows and the Holiday Inn Express at Knowsley

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Excellent, thanks

How did yo manage to get S2 on 12 month deal.....

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How did yo manage to get S2 on 12 month deal.....

to get this deal need to buy the handset but get 30% off it and get a 12month £10 per month sim, 300min, 3000text, 1gb internet! works out at about £480, i know it can be cheaper on contract but I only want this phone for 12months then sell it and get the next new thing!!

i wouldn't risk 3 in st helens. have had bad experience when I was with them. (but that could just be haresfinch)

if you are buying the phone look at giffgaff. they use o2 network and for a tenner a month you get 250 mins, unlimited text, unlimited internet.
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