Advice on 37" LCD/Plasma

    Looking at getting a 37" LCD or plasma, but don't really know much about either.

    Anything I should avoid? Gonna be connecting up to my PC (mainly to watch DVD's) so will need a VGA port, so im guessing i'd need a decent-ish resolution to go with it??? would also like some sort of warranty on it....pref 3 years.

    Seen a few topics of LCD's vs plasma's - and both seem to have their advantages / disadvantages. any expert advice on it??

    And cheaper the better i guess, although I don't want something thats gonna be visibly disapointing when i get it, or something thats just gonna fall apart :roll:



    Anything over 50" should be plasma, anything under 30" should be LCD, as that's what they're best at. Anything in-between people could argue about all day. I'd say with the new lines of Panasonic Viera and Sony Bravia LCD's that LCD has the edge at the moment. Although neither of those lines come in 37", any particular reason you were looking at that size?

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    Nah not really, just saw a fair few TV's @ that size, so assumed it was just a standard size for them? 42" might be a tad big for my room, but then want something a bit bigger than 32"......was looking at this:…htm

    Any good? anything i should avoid?

    have you considered the Samsung Le37m87bdx - 1080p?
    £845 at Costco inc. 3yr guarantee

    The Sony D3000 or Panasonic LXD70's are apparently the best LCD TV's money can buy at the minute, they're not exactly cheap mind.

    it depends on what you want, as far as im aware no plasmas in the UK go up to the resolution of 1080p so if you want the best High Def resolution then LCD it is.

    HTH :thumbsup:
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