Advice on 720P TV / 1080I PS3 setup please

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Found 16th Nov 2007
Help anyone please................

My new TV is 1080i input capable (1366x768) so should I set my PS3 to 1080i output and let the TV downscale to 720P or should I output 720P from the PS3?

Thanks for any guidance.

I did read the PS3 will only output blu-ray movies at 480P anyway unless the TV is 1080P which is a bit of a downer if true.…ts/

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Can you set one option for games and one option for blu-ray movies?

720p should be better than 1080i for gaming, but you'll have to set the PS3 to 1080i if you want to watch movies in high-def, otherwise you'll be stuck at 480p as you mention above.

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I just found an article stating that software update 1.80 did the following:-

Downscaled output of Blu-ray Discs is now supported. When 720p is selected as the video output setting of the PS3™ system, Blu-ray Discs that were recorded in 1080p or 1080i resolution can be played in 720p resolution.

Maybe I didnt explain clearly but I wanted to know if its better to output from the PS3 at my TV's native resolution (720P) or output at 1080i and let my TV downscale it to 720P?


Set it to output at the panel's native resolution. Outputting at a higher res and letting your TV scale it downwards will strip out pixels, diminishing image quality.

You only need a resolution higher than the output device's resolution when you're doing work with something and need flexibility with it. For example, if you shoot a photo with a digital camera, a 1.3MP image is going to look exactly the same (or possibly even better, since there's no downsizing) as a 10MP image on your monitor, since 1.3MP is all most screens can display. If you're editing in photoshop though, the added detail is reet useful.

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Thanks very much.
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