advice on a food processor. recommendations


    Just wanted to some advice on purchasing a food processor.

    I am after something that I can have as multiple use product. Without ending up with different gadgets.

    Ideally something that i can use for dough, chopping, blending, whisking.

    Was looking at the magimix patisserie however with no deals on it and it never going on sale it retails at £520. It comes with three size bowls etc.

    Advice would be greatly appreciated.


    The wife and i recently purchased the Kenwood Multipro fdp60 on ebay. The one we purchased was £60 but was factory reconditioned and has a 90 day warranty. Simply put it is the best processor ive ever had and does all the things you mentioned above. I do believe the new price for this hovers around £100-130 but I am on a budget so purchased the reconditioned one saving about 50%.
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