Advice on a network wired/wireless implementation please

    OK, I have just set up a wireless router back home which two laptops are currently using. The router is based on the bottom floor and I'll soon be moving my PC into the attic. Signal from the router is GOOD in the attic.

    I need internet connections in the attic for my PC, xbox and 360. I was thinking of buying an Access Point with a 1 LAN port and placing that in the attic. From the LAN port on the AP, i was thinking of connecting that to an 8port switch and running the 3 devices form that.

    Will this work? I'm currently using a Speedtouch Router (Free from AOL).



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    It should work. However, you might be interested in Netgear WGPS606. They advertise it as a print server, but in reality this is AP with built-in switch and printserver functionality as an added bonus.
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