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Found 24th Jan 2010
hello all

looking to get my mum a contract mobile, she is severley disabled and currently has just broken her 4th pay as you go fone in 3 years ! as such i have decided it would probably be more beneficial to get her a contract

she cant/doesnt text but is liable to leave the phone on after she has finished a call so unlimited minutes is a must

no other add ons are required and the bigger the buttons the better!

quite specific so any help appreciated


I don't think getting a contract phone would be more beneficial to her. You could purchase insurance on that phone so if it does break then she could get a (new) replacement phone.

I don't t think there is an "any-network unlimited minutes" contract but I maybe wrong on that.
However, should she leave the phone on after a call she shouldn't be using any minutes if the person on the other end of the line hangs-up.

Nevertheless, this O2 Family Bolt-on may interest you: yourfamily.o2.co.uk/fam…ton

Hope this helps.


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anymore advice appreciated
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