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Found 30th May 2010
I am 16 and looking for a pay monthly phone, i dont mind what network. I would like a new phone that costs no more than 15 pounds a month. I would like unlimited txts/internet and however many mins. Please could you give me advise on where to look or links to good deals.

Many Thanks.
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they offer good value on unlimited txts/internet, just move the prce slider to £15 the it gives you all you can have for that money.

cant vouch for 3 as a provider though, never used them
You have to be 18 to get a contract with any one, but if you have a family member that is willing to get a contract for you then three is great, or with 02 or virgin you get good free gifts ;-)
Thanks i'll check it out now. :thumbsup:
Yes a family member is opening the contract for me i just have to find the right one
I have found this deal with 3-
Nokia E63 Black
With the Internet Texter 100 you get:

* 100 minutes (anytime, any network)
* Unlimited texts*
* Unlimited internet*

* Unlimited 3-to-3 minutes*
* Voicemail
* Picture Mails

* £2 Monthly Discount

* 2 months Free Spotify

* Free PAYG SIM for a friend

* Free Skype™-to-Skype calls

* Free Windows Live™ Messenger chats

* Free Twitter

is this a good deal? and what is spotify?

Thanks for your help! :-D
If you can buy a PAYG phone then a sim only contract works out alot better value.
For £15 a month you can get 500 mins unlimited texts and unlimited internet with tesco mobile.
Your not tied in to long contracts, so you can swap and change as and when better sim only deals are released.

The three deal is a 24 month contract, Im sure once you start college etc those 100 minutes wont go far and you will start racking up larger bills in no time, its not wise to sign contracts of those lengths because you will regret it down the line, I know I did, ive only just got out of a 2 year contract and I wouldnt go down that route again, sim only is the way forward :thumbsup:
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