Advice on a PS4

Need some advice on a PS4

I can get a brand new one with Tesco (staff discount) for £300 including infamous, spiderman Blu Ray and 90 Days ps+

Or I can get one 6 mths old, with receipt for £250 with thief and knack boxed

Not really sure what to do, again not sure on best games any ideas appreciated


Almost thought you were a $ony or M$ typing fool, but then i realised shift-4

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Lol just realised


Infamous+Spidey+90 days is worth £50 alone so I'd go for the new one.

Infamous is amazing too, Knack not so much. If it was me, the 'New' bundle. No brainer.

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thanks id want to buy another game so whats the best to get?

I'd recommend brand new over used as you know its not been messed with



thanks id want to buy another game so whats the best to get?

Infamous is the best exclusive IMO, 2nd best I'd opt for Killzone right now, or The Last of Us when that comes out in 3 weeks.

Non-exclusives, Watchdogs, Battlefield 4, AssCreed 4, Tomb Raider, Outlast or a Lego game depending on what you're into.

new one, for guarantee alone.

Would go for the new one as well OP

Would go for a Wii U myself... or an xbone... PS4 last.


thanks id want to buy another game so whats the best to get?

Definitely wait for TLOU, and if you're in to racing games, Drive Club is out in a few months, Destiny is good if you play with others, out in September..
It's a dry summer really, you may as well catch up on the games that have already been released, but definitely buy TLOU when it comes out, it's around the corner and one of the best games of the generation.


Would go for a Wii U myself... or an xbone... PS4 last.

That wasn't really the question.
As so often is the case you choose a console for whatever exclusives interest you, whether it be Mario, Halo/Sunset or Infamous/Bloodborne.

It would appear that the OP has made their choice. (_;)

I'd go for the new one as it doesn't work out to be that much more. InFamous and the PS+ is roughly the same price as Thief and Knack so although it seems a lot, £50 (minus Spiderman) is worth it for the extra 6 month guarantee with Tesco (they're excellent for customer service imo) and just for the peace of mind from having a new console over a 6 month old one. Plus if you wanted to keep the games and not sell them, Thief and Knack are poor and InFamous is good.

For games I'd recommend - Watchdogs, Wolfenstein, Assassin's Creed Black Flag, Tomb Raider. It just depends on what kind of games you like. I'd also recommend The Last of Us when it comes out and maybe Destiny. Some of them can be picked up for a good price too.
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The new console + Watch dogs (I found it a decent title that took out a good 16-22 hours of time to kill, storyline and side missions etc).

Outlast is a good game, short but good.

Infamous 2nd son, boring game. Bought the collectors with beanie, and played a few hours, was fun. But the game is really limited compared to what it should've been.

Wasn't impressed at all.

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thanks for all your responses

The new one's a bargain mate. I work for Sainsbury's and have always been jealous of Tesco's bundle deals, discount codes and Tesco Direct.. Currently got 15% colleague discount and yet I still can't find a sainsbury's ps4 bundle which even comes close to the £300 bundle you are referring to, I'd definitley go for that.. I'll send you £300 and get me one? Haha..

Nice bump



A heat thief? What a load of rubbish! Unless they are on a profit share … A heat thief? What a load of rubbish! Unless they are on a profit share at tesco then I doubt the OP will personally benefit from posting. Its a great deal. It's clearly helping some people. I certainly will be stocking up for Christmas. Did your parents never tell you that if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all???

i doubt it to, tho nor will they personally benifit from not giving credit to who they took it from the OP of the 18 for 10 stella, or all the spelling nazis picking on me or spaming my topic with both spam and a cold wave (taking away from the members that could benifit from 3 hot if done right tescos deals), so its was just done out of malice for they only personal and sad entianment,

think people have way to much time on they hands,

and the last half of what you said, with out understanding why you said it your self (just so you understand cos you dont seem to im saying this back at you, that you dont understand what your saying it for, since i've only had facts to say tho to some facts are not nice they nothing more than facts and all of witch the op proved or disproved him self)
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