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    Hi guys,

    Looking for advice and views from people. I am considering buying a psp, however this will be the first playstation I've bothered with really as I'm a nintendo person at heart.

    I like point and click adventures, platformers, puzzlers and rpgs (though not ones that are all about the fighting so is that classed as adventure :S)

    MY fav games to date are Discworld 1+2 (for pc/ps/saturn), broken sword, Sims, Mario Party, Tycoon games (ie rollercoaster, zoo etc), Pokemon, Pikmin, Mario Kart, Dragon Force, and a lot of other similars. Judging from this which PSP games are out that I will probably like?

    Is the PSP locked to a region for games? also is it locked to a region for UMDs? If it is locked, is it easy to hack, or would I need a proffesional. As if it isn't locked or is easily hacked I will import one for cheaper. In terms of modding things I've never done it, but I am used to handling computers and consoles as I grew up in a family that seriously owned everyone out, so if the instructions are simple enough I hope to be able to do it myself as I only have a part time wage.

    Is it easy to put DVDs on to the memory card? and on average how many films will a 2Gb memory card hold?

    If you have a psp what do you think of it? Also any other random bits of advice are apprieciated. Basically I don't want to make a very expensive mistake by buying it and then finding out the games aren't to my liking or the system is over rated. Nintendo have a lot of fun colourful games, so I'd obviously like it if some of the PSPs games are similar.



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    Also I'd really like to try Kingdom Hearts I know it isn't out on the PSP, but is there a chance of it coming out or any rumors?

    right i cant be bothered to answer all your questions but i will give you a little head start.

    psp's come with security firmwares, the golden one being 1.5, in this firmware you can play homebrew and back ups as well as load custom firmwares which will allow you to play movies in all most any format, plus allow you to play playstaion 1 iso's(custom firmware 3.03ob)

    if you buy a psp with firmware above 1.5 it is possible to downgrade, but you need to have time to research and understand all the lingo, id personally recommend getting over to ebay and buying a psp with 1.5 or a custom firmware already loaded saving yourself alot of hassle.

    id recommend it if you are an all round gamer as ther is so much to choose from, if you like emualtors such as mega deive nes snes and even the n64 plus pretty much any other retro emulator you can think of then this is for you, if you got any other question's just pm me

    Hi ive had my PSP for nearly a year now and i LOVE it. But to be 100% honesy if you love nintendo so much why not get a DS? I prefer the PSP personally as i did have a DS but it sounds like you prefer Nintendo. anyway games wise, there are a lot of different types of games out, unfortionatly im not into the ones you like as im more into the likes of call of duty, and burnout. Shooting, racing etc But there are a lot of good adventure games, i do know that daxter is fantastic, my partner had it and loved it. I wouldnt know about the others, try looking them up on HMV etc what games are out then google them, gamespot has some good screenshots and reviews etc.

    As for puzzlers there are a lot. lumines, mercury, brain quiz, ape academy types..etc...

    the PSP is not locked to any region for games....but it is for UMD films. But also gamestation/game do not take trades on non UK games as the age rating is different.

    It is easy to get dvds onto memory card, it is easier and faster to buy them already converted aslong as u have the original ebay sometimes let them slip past the net. you can get about 8 ok quality or 3-4 Good quality films on a 2GB card. All depends on quality as u can go from 100mb up to 700mb..

    Also to add..the psp is more than just a games console, as yes you can watch movies, but you can also play online, browse the web, store and view photos, get RSS feed etc the screen is SUPERB the graphichs are better than ANY handheld. I may be biast as i LOVE mine lol and im a laydeeeee....

    if you want to ask any more questions or anything just drop me a PM i have some help files on certain things so if i have what you need i dont mind emailing it over.

    Good luck with your desicion..

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    Thanks for the help guys, still looking for opinions as have a lot more research to do. I already have a DS lol, I've had all the nintendo's, so if the PSP plays emulators that would be cool as I can replay some old favs, especially if 'RARE' games are available on it, since I don't think they are going to the VC on wii or so I've heard. Is it possible to get PSPs with firmware 1.5 in stores or will they now all be on the latest firmware?

    I've sent rep to you both

    Sorry, but can't be bothered to read it all at the moment, but I did see you asked about region locking...

    Buy a Jap Version. These are region free and they are setup in English, the only difference is the 'O' button is how the Japanese select/start options in the Menu/Jap Games, whereas you normally use the 'X' button on the PAL version.

    Knock the firmware down to 1.50 (this allows games/apps to be launched from the Memory Stick) and bob's your auntie.

    RE: Emulators - There are only certain emulators that are up and running in full, so don't expect these to be as good as other emulators such as Mame, and not all Roms will work with these.

    I'd suggest looking into sites such as [url][/url] or [url][/url]

    Out of the box:
    Games - No Region Coding
    UMD Films - Region Coded (as per DVDs)

    Please make sure you research the downgrading to 1.5 as ive heard a LOT od stories of PSP's getting 'bricked' as in they F up and are as usefull as a brick.. i would advise on buying one already loaded with v1.5. but if your wanting it JUST for emulation there are cheaper machines that do it, i have all nes and snes roms on my gizmondo for example. and they work brilliant. it also works as a sat nav. you can get these for half the price of a PSP. thats only if you are wanting it MAINLY for the emulation tho. PSP's are far better for gaming etc. if you are interested in any particular games let me know and i can do some research for you...also if ive played it i can give you my opinion...

    also like i said i have instructions and help guides on pretty much everything for the psp from taking it apart, downgrading to putting music, pics, films on to the psp. if you need anything just shoot a PM accross

    If you already have video files you on your pc that you want to watch on your PSP, try ]pspvideo9. It's a freeware conversion tool and is very easy to use.

    As mentioned in previous posts, downgrading can be dangerous for the PSP, but only if you don't do your research first. All versions from 2.80 downwards can be downgraded to 1.5 with little hassle. The best firmware to get IMO is 3.03 OE (not the official sony one). You can search for this on ]Google.

    If you want any more info, please pm me.

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    Will new PSPs come with firmware above 2.8?

    Thanks for the advice, I'm glad I asked before just jumping in and buying one.

    Im assuming this is japanese...…htm

    So if I got that and then bought english UMDs everything would work fine except that I have to press a different button. Just since its new I want to check if firmware is to high.

    Hmm I think I may go check out ebay.

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    Sorry I'm mithering I know, but does anyone know what firmware the limited ed pink psp has? (the psp the comes with pink's vids etc)


    Sorry I'm mithering I know, but does anyone know what firmware the … Sorry I'm mithering I know, but does anyone know what firmware the limited ed pink psp has? (the psp the comes with pink's vids etc)

    I've seen one and it had 2.82 firmware.

    As for the renchi site, being that they ship from Hong Kong, then I'd say it'd definitely be a Japanese version. And Japan has the same region as Europe, so the UMD's should work fine. If you can downgrade it, then you'll be able to swap the buttons to make it operate like a UK PSP.
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