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Found 7th Dec 2010
hi guys

was just wondering does anyone know of any good UPS's looking for my first but unsure which one to go for
i have been looking at the APC Back-UPS RS 800…cts

any help with be great thanks
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I got this recommendation on another forum:

I have a coupl of APC UPS units. They keep the ppower stable and clean and have non UPS sockets for surge protectin too. They are essentially SOHO unit and are serviceable bttery wise.

The small one is an APC UPS CS350


This covers the Modem Router, 4 NAS Drives and 4 USB Drives, a Siemens VoIP Phone and a 16 port Gigabyte switch- TheUSB drives are only switched on when needed

It costs between £55-65 and is peaceof mind

I also have

For my main PC Tower and my 24inch Monitor and sperate single power socket for any other bit of portable kit

APC Back-UPS 650VA

APC Back-UPS 650VA 230V

The system shows the loadyou are placingon th UPS and the time that it will supply back up if the mains is cut - curretly my set up on the PC goives me 31 minutes of cover fr the PC and monitor - which along with the NAS drives give me the option to power down automatically or for me to selectvely shutdown the syste at my pace. I have tested the system by shutting off the mains power to the circuit my kit sits on and all went vry well. I followed this route after a power cut a couple o years ago toasted my main PC and its HDD.

Not sure of the price - around the £100 mark.

The software that comes with these units is very good and when you link them via USB to your system they provide constant reporting (if you want it) and a managed shutdown process.

You also get to see what voltages are being delivered to your home and the system can be set to alarm if there are under or over voltages within ranges that you can preset yourself. A mentioned it offers a reporting system for when you are not around so you can check on the power outtages (if any) going back a number of weeks..

I bought a cheap UPS before which lasted abot a year and then failed. No serviceable parts an difficult to manage shutdons.

Might seem overkill but I run my business from home and hav demanding networ harrassment form my three teenagers over their ITunes and Media (noew on ITunes Server throug the toy Netgear Stora) my business back up (Link Station Live + USB HDD) and my Media Collectin (2 x Ready NAS Duos - 4 x 2Tb HDD).

Overall a small price to pay when you consider the investment in kit hat the enthusiast and general user has.

I bought the small one APC UPS CS350 - seems small and quite, should be perfect for my small NAS box.
thank you think im going to get one asap
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