advice on a wedding present for best mate.

    she lives with her OH so they near enough have everything like kettles and irons and tea sets lol but if u were getting married what would you like?
    just after some ideas?




    I got my best friend money for their honeymoon in the currency of the country they were going to, more personal than just giving money and it meant they could go out for a meal while they were away. She really appreciated it as they didnt have much £, but already had everything for the home and stuff.

    If you're actually wanting to buy a pressie I love the stuff from The Pier. Plus a sale on at the mo with some good reductions.

    buy them vouchers for a restaurant so they can go for a nice meal, you could also get them a copy of the times newspaper of the day they got married for a keep sake so in years time they can look back at the things that made the news on the day they were wed.

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    i love the newspaper idea and will look at the pier now...
    money always a good bet too!
    more ideas if u guys have any and thanks to all given


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    lol nope no list, no honeymoon and they live together. hmmmm

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    yeah think this gonna be my best bet
    thanks twinks xx

    Fuel vouchers...either petrol/diesel or home fuel........

    Just pick something off their wedding registry

    a full set of pogs:-D

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    some sex toys


    If you want to do something different why not try what I did this year at a wedding of some friends. During the ceremony I took 50 pictures on my digital camera, followed the official photographer everywhere and got some great shots.

    In between the reception and the evening do, I whipped over to Asda and got them printed up, also bought a nice 6x4" wedding album to put them in. Then took that quick wedding album as a pressie. All in all it cost around £25 with the album.

    What they liked most about it was they were able to take the album away on honeymoon with them. And when they met other couples (as you do) they were able to show of the wedding they had just had.

    They said its was the most practical present they could have got, and very thoughtful
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