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    Im sure i listed this earlier, but cant find it! Maybe i forgot to press submit!

    Basically i am looking for a new wireless router. I have virgin Media and knowi need a special cable compatible router, but dont know which one.

    Anyone help?


    Have you been with Virgin Media long? I just joined and was meant to get a free wireless router, it never came with the installation but phoned them up and they are now sending it

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    is this a really good router or a budget one?

    It's an alright one, definitely not a budget router. I've never had any problems with Netgear

    If your looking at a better router though;…1-5

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    What makes this one better?

    It's basically faster, the first one is a G router so can work at 54MB ps, the second one is N compatible which is up to 270MB ps

    If your going to use wireless to take advantage of the better speeds you would need a N compatible wireless card / USB dongle

    The second router would have a better range than the first too

    rmp4... If you've been with virgin since they were telewest then you should be able to get a router for free?
    Same goes for anybody who's on virgin and they have a router similar to the one below.

    Let me know if you have and I'll explain to you what to do.

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    its kind of eneded up working as a new connection as we moved into a new flat about 3 months ago and havent set up wireless internet yet. still using wired connection. Tried to get a wireless router from VM, but they wouldnt budge

    If you're in a flat and don't need to stream video (which benefits from a quicker connection) between PCs then an 802.11g router should be perfectly adequate. The biggest advantage of the 802.11n is the (supposedly) greater range. Take your pick from any one of these, from about £20 upwards:…160

    The cheapest (Plexus) one gets quite good reviews.

    I've got a Linksys WRT54G which I'm getting rid of very soon. It's currently running DD-WRT custom firmware but can be flashed back to factory settings if needbe. The Linksys routers are extremely reliable and built on Cisco technology. The only reason I'm getting rid is because I'm moving to ADSL and don't have a need for a Cable/DSL router any more. If not mine, I would recommend a WRT54G. For the record, I happily stream 1080p content from my laptop to my Xbox 360 with no issues using this kit.

    Hi:thumbsup: thanks
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