advice on aluminium radiators

Found 28th Feb 2018
hey everyone

so, im renovating a house and in the process of looking at radiators. ive read about aluminium rads and their energy efficiency.
I have found a few places on ebay who sell these rads.

I spoke to the plumber, showed him the pics and he said they are cheaper than what you would get in the shops and he said, you're the customer, but be wary if its too cheap.

the company is called companyblue on ebay. they have no negative feedback and everything sounds really good. just wondering if anyone heas/or had bought from the company and if so, any feedback with products and experience.

these are the rads im looking at…041?var=491645633321&hash=item2ca8962089:m:mey8uJU2v7z2T4RA4xgyYCQ

any help is greatly appreciated. I don't know, this could be the price these go fo. or alternative, im willing to look at altenative sellers, who come with, ideally good feedback from fellow hukkers.

I need aboyut 15 rads in total so cant afford to get it wrong but as always, on a budget.

thanks for reading!!

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