Advice on assessories (R4/memory card)? for DSi

    Daughter is getting DSi for xmas. I have no idea about these things can anyone give me advice on what I should be buy.

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    then get a micro sd card for it.
    And order quick for christmas, cos deal extreme take their sweet time at times to get you loot!…rd/

    That should tell you how to install it too
    R4i card should work in a DSi and a DS. I got the 4gb micro card with the adapter, you can fit 70-80 games in it. Also if you buy from R4i you type in discount code R415a and you get 15% off also you get a further discount. This is a good site, I've had two deliveries from them, took 3-4 days.

    Above site for the games. :thumbsup:

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    Thanks for your help will have a look at both

    Dont use the DSi ware or connect your DSi to the internet if you are gonna use one of these cards!!!

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    why what would happen?


    why what would happen?

    Sometimes they update when using the internet and the dsi ware shop!

    Then the card dont work and in a worse case will brick the DSi and make it unusable!

    Like everyone is saying dont update to firmware version 1.4 or above or else the r4 card wont work, will work on somelses dsi / dsl. there are new cards that support the update.

    what are the cards that support 1.4 firmware on the dsi?
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