Advice on banking and saving with Abbey

    Can anyone give me any advice with regards to banking with the Abbey. I need to transfer a current account, savings account and Cash ISA from Alliance and Leicester and would be interested in what I'm likely to be faced with if I moved to the Abbey. Any advice would be most appreciated. Thanks


    Well they should take care of it all for you. Abbey will contact A&L for direct debits and suchlike.

    Savings acc and ISA should be straight forward enough.

    Hope that helps.

    Check Quidco you get some cash back for new accounts :thumbsup:

    £50 for Premier Current Account
    £50 for Premier Direct Current Account
    £50 for Premier 21
    £50 for Premier 50


    If you ring Abbey, I am sure they would be happy to explain the procedure

    Strange!!!! Do you know the Abbey group have recently taken over A & L? you will see the interest rates are very similar.

    my advice would be to check all banks and see what they will offer you, i think first direct for eg pay you £100 to transfer your banking to them... whoever u decide to transfer to should do all the changing of accounts for you it should be a smooth stress free procedure

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    Thanks for your responses. My key requirement is to have everything in the same bank and its important to me that I can transfer in my current ISA savings, and many banks are not allowing this. I don't really want to leave A&L but with circa 0% for premier direct current account and circa 1% for an ISA its better to change as long as its not to a nightmare of a bank. I suppose I could always transfer back to A&L in a year where they will give me great rates and other incentives that only new customers get.

    i was putting money in my husbands account today and im sure i heard one of the cashiers tell someone they have a new isa out today with a higher interest rate

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    I have to wait until the new tax year to take out a new ISA unfortunately.


    its better to change as long as its not to a nightmare of a bank..

    But Abbey is a nightmare of a bank, they seem to get more complaints than almost any other bank.

    Dont bank with them. Not exactly must help, but they are extremely ****. Got an ISA with them which ive closed twice and is still open for some reason and they made ME go overdrawn on my account with NO overdraft limit and charged me for it.

    My sis got her life savings stolen from there as well, i wouldnt go near them ever again.
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