advice on best broadband please

    i am on sky at home - but need broadband for laptop outside of home

    im not a techie
    need advice - which is best re
    price per month
    uncapped preferably
    guaranteed connection

    what do i need - i.e - dongle - or can i get one free off provider

    been on so many sites - i am none the wiser




    Believe she may be looking for mobile broadband

    yeah you would be best off with a dongle - three do good deals if you have a contract on a mobile with them already, i pay £5 a month and got free dongle - there are lots of deals on at the moment for mobile broadband so wise to shop about if you aren't with three already, saw a free laptop offer recently in the papers - its really easy to use, just stick it in your usb port and it does the rest...hope that helps!

    Original Poster

    thanks all - havent got o2 but have 3g - so will try them

    rep to all and thanks again

    I would not suggest three, I have a three dongle and it is very hit and miss. Everybody at work goes for the vodaphone dongles and the three dongles are seen as short straws.

    i guess it's where you live as my 3 dongle works fine every time!
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