advice on best strings to put on an ibanez artcore a73

Found 26th Mar 2011
hi does anyone know the best strings, guage ect to put onto an ibanez artcore a73 guitar. cheers

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Some Elixirs would be good. I've had an Artcore AS73T for some time now and my best advice would be to have the floating bridge correctly lined up by a technician, and have them look at your action while you're at it, as you might find your playing improves vastly as a result.

As for gauge, well, that would depend on your style of playing!

Original Poster

cheers thanks for that advice

No problems. What sort of stuff are you playing?

Original Poster

mainly into blues

Picking, Delta Blues-y stuff?

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texas blues, but like vast range from bb king, clapton, hendrix could go on forever realy

Just a stab in the dark then, but I reckon you'd benefit from some coated 12 gauge. Elixirs are pricey, but well worth it. If you're anywhere near West Yorkshire I can highly recommend someone to set your guitar up.

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thats what i was thinking at the begining, live in durham, theres a small guitar shop in newcastle called brians he does set ups shall take a trip up and see him. thanks anyway
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