Advice on best way to hold a sixaxis controller (PS3)

    Any tips appreciated. I use my index fingers to press the shoulder buttons (R1/R2/L1/L2) but find some games need both pressed at the same time so I have to use my middle fingers for L2/R2. The trouble here occurs that the controller slips out of my hands.

    Seems a very poorly designed controller as I have big hands and seems more ideal for children.

    Any better ones out there?


    I was looking at ]this thread yesterday, and the people in there (Flodd and Simon_G) mentioned some 'enhancements' that you stick over the triggers so that your fingers don't slip off.

    Apparantly, they're going to be in the next issue of PSM3 magazine... give those a try - I'm going to!

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    thanks for the advice.


    advice on how to hold a pen follows shortly.:whistling:


    advice on how to hold a pen follows shortly.:whistling:

    lol I was thinking along the same lines. ;-)
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