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Found 26th Feb 2010
Afternoon all

I move into my new flat next week, it has a BT line and Sky ports in there already. I have a Sky+ box I can bring with me to the flat, will this work as a freeview recorder if I don't sign up for a Sky package?

How much is a standard BT connection fee, and i've seen the various o2 deals floating about recently - what are they like as an ISP? i'm quite a heavy user of the internet (streaming TV, downloading music and films etc)
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The recording functions on Sky + don't work without a subscription
Interesting. Ok thanks.
You will still be able to get lots of free channels with your sky box.
I used to get the Freeview type channels with my Sky box and some others too as long as the card was still in the slot, don't know if it is necessary.
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