Advice on BT landline barred calls and using computer please.

Found 3rd Jan 2008
I've just had all my outgoing calls barred on my landline but I can still access my (aol) emails and use my computer. So I haven't been 'cut off' but is this normal?
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i had my outgoing calls bared when i didnt pay my bill on time but was still able to recieve incoming calls etc, becareful as they then charged me £20 + VAT to reconnect me to outgoing calls, which i disputed and they refunded in the end
ive had same thing but if u dispute it they always refund first time but wont second time!!
Ring "150" and speak to BT to find out if your bill hasn't been paid, or if there's been an error at either your bank or BT.

Broadband is managed separately, so they dont block that... all they are doing is stopping you from increasing your bill

Thanks for that advice. I'm not worried about the barred phone calls because I have a mobile, but the kids will go mad if they can't m.s.n!
my sister has had her phone cut off due to non payment of bill yet she reckons she can still use broadband, i think it must be soomething to do with broadband contracts paying bt money so realistically bt cant stop broadband use, or something like that, unless she fibbing of course
You can still have broadband on a landline which has outgoing calls barred, as mentioned the bill is to a separate service provider. If you are on a subscription dial up using an 0800 number you should also still be able to go online.

Thanks for all the advice :thumbsup:
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