Advice on burning DVD's please

    I seem to have a problem, I have programmes I want to burn to a DVD so I can watch them on a DVD player ... I 'm having so many problems!
    Most of my vids are mp4 or avi format, but my Nero express says I need codecs to use these files.
    I downloaded some codecs but they did nothing!
    Anyone tell me where I'm going wrong or what free programmes to recommend ... I've been trying to sort it all day now!
    Thanks in advance.


    Try CovertXtoDVD its not free but you can easliy download them!! :thumbsup:

    Best programme out there and with codecs I give up as they do my head in!!! :x

    try installing ]this

    cinvert xto dvd is fine too.


    nero 7 should do what you want you can get it off them funny sites

    Original Poster

    Thanks guys, will look into it ... only ever written data onto dvds, so this is new to me!


    Use TMPGEnc 4.0 Xpress... download an "evaluation" copy of any good torrent site... can't beat it for any type of conversion


    convertxtodvd is by far the best I have used. Twice as quick as nero.

    codec wise I've only ever needed this & don't have any problems viewing any files I download, It's the Gordian_Knot_Codec_Pack and installs a load of seperate codecs.…htm

    This won't help you watching them on a dvd player though but may give you other options like watching them through a laptop on your telly.

    I'd 2nd the advice above if you defo want to burn them to dvd.


    If you want to do this for free, then try this combination.

    AVI2DVD is freeware and will create an ISO file that you can then burn to dvd using Fab HD decrypter.

    You can get Avi2Dvd here…oad

    there is a guide to it's use here…cfm
    they use dvd decrypter to burn the iso but that will not compress if needed, so stick with Fab.

    Here's another freebie, that does both avi and mp4…AVC

    With both of these use the HCEnc codec to do the encoding.

    Some of DVD players can play Divx/Xvid in AVI files. If your player can do this, then just make a Data DVD, not DVD-Video.
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