Advice on buying a 2nd hand iphone please

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Found 10th Feb 2011
Hi after my advice received yesterday I've decided to go for a 3gs iphone I'm looking at one about a yr old but gc & 16gb, he wants £250 for it, is this a good price do you think? Also is there anything I should look out for that could be dodgey? lol It does come with its box which is a good, one i saw didn't even have a cable to charge!

Thanks in advance

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Get one locally. Go to the sellers house and ask to see either the bill (which should have his name and address on it) or his mobile phone bill (which will have the same info).

There are lots being sold through Ebay and Gumtree that later get blacklisted, when the owner reports it lost/stolen to get another one. . .

^ dis agreed, no phone ive purchased has ever been blacklisted through eBay.

OP £250 seems about right for a 16gb.

Avoid gumtree though unless you go the persons house and then checkout any indentity to see it matches the name shes/hes given to you.

Or put a wanted add in this forum probably safer than using gumtree.

I work for one of the networks and I'm getting 2 to 3 calls a week from people that have bought a phone and then had it blacklisted. It is happening and the numbers are growing. . .

Original Poster

yeah, thats what I was worrying about and its a lot of money to potentially lose. This one is on gumtree, but I would want to collect from their home. Checking their bill is a good idea, thanks. I thought of doing a wanted ad but thought there may not be many people close by and I've been stung on here before for a ds
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