Advice on buying a sat nav please!!!

    hi, could anyway help point me in the right direction for buying a sat nav please. I have found 2 on Halfords site that seem good deals but I've only heard of TomTom's as I don't really have a clue.
    Need one with uk and europe mapping.
    Any idea if either of these are any good: Navigon 1310 or Becker Z98T
    Any advice would be gratefully received, thanks



    halfords are massively overpriced on practically everything

    use ebuyer instead

    decent navigo is about £45

    I would only buy TOMTOM.

    So easy to use and neat windscreen mount.

    And currys have a great one on offer 129.99

    TomTom XL Classic Euro Black GPS Receiver Product code: 936753

    I have a Garmin Nuvi (can't remember the model number). It was £300 two years ago and it's BRILLIANT! So easy to follow, has brilliant features, bluetooth enabled so you can connect it to your phone and take calls, you can type in names of shops/places etc and it finds it and even brings up their phone number! Finds post offices, petrol stations, shopping centres, restaurants etc! Had heard bad things about Tom Tom but definitely get the most expensive you can afford because it makes a massive difference.
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