Advice on buying a Wii console

    I would appreciate some advice on buying a Wii. I plan to buy one as a family present for christmas but haven't a clue what I need and what is best to buy. Playing it will be me and partner and my then 4 year old son.
    I would like a wii fit so I know i need to start looking now to get this.
    What is a good price for bundles and best place to get them
    Thanks for your help

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    If you are talking about xmas, I'd wait and keep an eye on this forum over the next few months. There are bound to be better offers around than there are at the moment - console shortage will not be a problem again imo. As for Wii Fit, well I must admit after all the hype and fun that it produced in this house for a few weeks, it is the most underused extra of the lot. Wii Sports (bundled) is still the most used by everybody. Your four year old might appreciate some of the gamecube games for small kids. As long as you buy a gamecube controller, you'll be able to get lots of cheap games that will keep him happy. Good Wii games too of course, but many ofthem a more complicated to use for kids his age and they are more expensive.
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