advice on buying laptops needed

    Thanks for looking in,looking for some advice on laptops please they don't need to be top of the range or out they'll be just used for homework surfing the net ect.Just looked at a few laptops while shopping and wonder if someone can advise me if these are any good and worth the price,i don't have a clue about laptops.Now i quite like this one from currys has it's been reduced lol…jsp?BV_SessionID=@@@@1427773556.1259683588@@@@&BV_EngineID=ccfjadeimjfkekicflgceggdhhmdgmk.0&pageFrom=SimpleSearchProducts&page=Product&sku=305425

    also looked at these one…jsp?BV_SessionID=@@@@1427773556.1259683588@@@@&BV_EngineID=ccfjadeimjfkekicflgceggdhhmdgmk.0&pageFrom=SimpleSearchProducts&page=Product&sku=738415…jsp?BV_SessionID=@@@@1427773556.1259683588@@@@&BV_EngineID=ccfjadeimjfkekicflgceggdhhmdgmk.0&pageFrom=SimpleSearchProducts&page=Product&sku=171250

    and one in tesco…spx

    any iput would be very grateful as i need to buy 2 laptops,god xmas gets more expensive every year


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    Try and get a laptop that has Intel Core 2 Duo opposed to celeron which is slower and isn't as good. and lol the tesco ones sold out i'm afraid. How much are you willing to spend?

    Dell's are pretty good here one ]http//co…757 which is £413

    this is the studio one which has a different cpd (not as good) but has a better screen. ]http//co…756

    if you give me a price range and what you want from it i'll beable to help you more

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    thanks for the reply m8,looking at spending upto 400 on a laptop,the only thing is i need to get it from currys or pc world as i need to use the buy now pay 6months later deals as funds are tight until after christmas.Got money due after chrimbo but don't want to let the kids down at christmas time.

    The only other way if i can ask someone i no to bang on there credit cards for the time being until i get the cash

    right i see, hmmm well you should shop around and get more recommendations. as far as currys and pc world, they're pretty much the same company...if you do mange to get someone to get it for you have a look around ebuyer, laptops direct and dell.

    -if you can try and get a intel core 2 duo cpu if not..a dual core and if not...a celeron

    -get at least 2gb of ram

    -a hard drive that matches your usage

    -get one that has windows 7!

    and last of all do some research.

    good luck

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    thanks m8 wll have a look for the above laptops,just had a quick look and found this one…123

    yep thats a good one but remember its only got Vista Home Prem, you might have to upgrade if you want windows 7 on it

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    ok back to the drawing board to find one with windows 7

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    Just seen this offer on the tv for currys,anyone advise me if this is any good…767
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