Advice on camera - is it faulty? nikon coolpix s220

I picked up this a few weeks ago when they were on offer over the bank holiday? Did anyone else? If so can you tell me if this is normal.
Took it out today when went fishing with the kids and as i was recording the big catch it seemed to have lines down it, this was also there when i played it back. Also when i first got it i took a few pics (as you do) and noticed then a few white lines down it but didn't think anything of it as it was a Really bright day and i have blinds up and thought it was light shining through those.
However today it was as if say like an old video there were a few lines from top to bottom, if that makes any sense.
Does anyone else have this camera? is it because i'm using it with 10mp while recording?
I bought from cdiscount, what they like for returning, exchanging etc?


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forgot to say this isn't all the time while recording maybe just once or twice.
Have just uploaded video to computer too and its still on there quite a few times actually.

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