advice on claiming milage expences from work

    i am going through my paperwork at home and have realised i have not claimed any milage for 2 months... this was 2 years ago. i no longer work at this place.

    where do i stand? am i eligible to still claim it back?



    You can go back 6 years. You will be best advised to make an appointment at your local tax office & take along all supporting paperwork. They will help you sort out what needs to be done to claim.:thumbsup:

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    thanks.... i rang my work up and he was telling me that i wouldnt be able to claim

    will ring the tax office later

    hope i can find the petrol receipts!

    To be honest if you don't have the receipts then it is unlikely you will be able to claim.

    No petrol receipts, I don't think you stand a chance...

    I'm sure you, or someone else .... could find some though. Maybe bank statements wld be accepted?

    Yeah - forgot to say - you need supporting evidence as the Tax Office won't take your word for it.

    Original Poster

    i will get them if i cant find mine

    i have a back up plan
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