Advice on cleaning leather sofa please

Found 3rd Jul 2009
We've just been lucky enough to gain a fab black leather sofa from our local freecycle and it's in pretty good condition. Theres a bit of wear on the seats and its just a bit dull, also someone has managed to get few splashes of paint on it.
Any advice on reviving it would be very welcome. I picked up some leather balsalm in Tescos and it's helped a bit but wonder if there's anything better?



Nothing but warm soapy water should suffice - and a decent sponge

If you want to 'treat/clean' it with something use tack products (ie horsey stuff) or bikers leathers cleaning products. I use some I bought ages ago on ours and its amazing. Good result, nothing harsh and leaves it supple and protected.


saddle soap may be good also

A leather sofa 'expert' came to our house recently to respray an arm that was damaged and I asked him what you should use to clean it - he said baby bath soap and water.

I used some Cif on mine today to get some biro off but it cleaned it up really well, might do the rest with it

baby wipes

We use baby wipes weekly and soda crystals every few months.

have a look at [url][/url] - great stuff :-D


baby wipes

+ 1 i always used baby wipes on my leather sofas

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Thanks for all those suggestions, What about the paint? not sure I'm brave enough to try cif tho!

saddle soap!
works wonders not only on horse saddles but does a great job and gets rid of the dullness

be careful with the saddle soap - great stuff but can be pretty harsh on softer leathers....saddles are tough old things!
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