Advice on creating a home wireless network

    Hi all,

    I was wondering what would be the best way to set a home wireless network using the broadband connection i have?

    I have 3 mobile broadband [via the dongle 15Gb a month on contract]

    I have a decent laptop and PC

    My question is, do all wireless routers have to be plugged into fixed line broadband or can you get a usb router that once plugged into a laptop or pc will allow you to share the broadband connection.

    I have tried sharing my network connnections to try to make my 3 dongle share the connection but apparently the dongle I have does not allow this.

    In short I dont have fixed line broadband, only mobile broadband which i am in a contract with, and would just like to create a wireless network in order that I can be on the internet on both my laptop and Pc and also connect my WII.

    Any ideas would be appreciated



    Im sure 3 do a device to plug your dongle into that makes it a wireless router, ill have a look

    its this

    Huawei D100 Router

    Original Poster


    thanks for the advice but this will not work with my dongle as the router is only compatible with Huawei Mobile Broadband dongles, so it won't work with the ZTE stick dongles which is what i have.

    i do also see that they sell a mifi device but it;s 50.00 and i did not really want to spend that kind of money.

    i will continue to look

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