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Found 29th Jun 2008
Yesterday i moved back from UNI and ive come to the realisation that i have spend way too much of my student loan on DVDs and have little room for them back at home. Just wondering if anyone else has a solution but im thinking the best thing for me might be to buy a 1tb HDD and rip all of my dvds onto it, i can then use my ps3 to play them. Has anyone done anything like this?

The upside is i can then sell my dvds on and make a bit of cash

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Well digital downloads are the way forward, why don't you set up a business :thumbsup:

You could make a packet!

You would also be breaking the law, but in this day and age nobody seems to care about that.

I have a 500GB external drive and am in the process of putting all my movies on to it. They're usually around 700 meg each using the DivX converter, and you can stream it to the PS3 no problems.

I do what you want to do with both my PS3 and XBOX with a linkstation live nas drive and it works fine, but as im sure you already know it would be against the law for you to copy the dvds then sell them on. The linkstation live has 2 usb ports so you can add more external hard drives to your wireless network if you wanted.

what are you going to do with the originals?

do what J did. Buy a DVD / cd case with 4 disks per page & double sided. You collection will shrink to just 1 or 2 handy cases.
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