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Found 5th Jun 2010
I've decided to get a bike, i don't drive and it would be a nice way to go a bit further than we can walking as my toddler will no longer go in the pushchair and he's too much to carry when he gives up after a long distance!!

I would be grateful of any advice about which toddler seat to buy for a bike, and whether they fit on all bikes, i really am clueless also on quite a budget so the cheaper the better, ANY advice would be fab

He weighs roughly 2stone

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not a toddler seat but my brother in law turned up with his toddler the other day and had him in one of the carst that attaches to the beack of a bike,he looked so cosy and was loving it!
go to a bike shop and check a few out?
a few years back now i had a toddler seat for a bike and occasionally cycled my lil one to nursery,must admit it was hard going uphill and i found it difficult when you stopped the bike as it was back heavy and trying to keep it balanced was a pain,just my experience of them
ive got this…spx

my daughter is 4 and half and loves going out with me on the bike. It takes a bit of getting used to and she sits nicely in it so dont have too many problems but like another poster said its hard work going up hill!!!
Half a dozen bungee cords and maybe a bit of velcro on the handlebars should do it.
I used a child seat like the one posted above until my Son outgrew it. Only time I struggle was getting him on and off at times as the bike needs to be nice and steady.

Since he was four I've used one of those seats you put on the crossbar.

Never did it with my kids, my ex wouldn't allow it, the control freak … Never did it with my kids, my ex wouldn't allow it, the control freak lol!!!But I always think those carts attached to the back look pretty cool, if you've only got one child, I'd go for the seat on the back of the bike , all depends on where you're cycling, which I guess as a parent you take the safe routes obviously:thumbsup:The bike seats just seem neater and plus it gives your kid more of an experience, as opposed to being tagged along in a cart:)

The carts terrify me.
Thanks for all the advice so far

I will be cycling only on country roads really, live in a tiny little town, I like the carts but as you say, I think that Leo would enjoy it a lot more if he was actually on the bike with me!

Just called my dad and he says he might know someone who has a bike for free...yes!! I think I am going to look into buying the seat CuteKitty recommended or at least something very similar, great price though.

I can't wait :-D
get a tandem and make him do all the pedalling
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