Advice on dell 9200 system £514

    Sorry if this is posted in the wrong section but I need some help to
    determine if this is a good buy ....Any help plz MikeT would be great.…spx?c=uk&cs=ukepp1&[email protected]…spx?c=uk&cs=ukepp1&[email protected]

    I have emailed my basket to myself so just posted the link as it as full details of the dell 9200 for £514.

    Any feedback is most welcome eg: A good or bad bargain...
    click detail view for full specs.

    Ps: I know the link contains my email but I am AOK to post this as stated in my email as it will not breach my security with dell and my account.


    I like the 9200 case and thats the cheapest 9200 there has been, ok the cpu is new but thats dropped over £100 since last week, plus your discount, a good all round system with the exception of the os. I would go with Vista Premium or XP rather than basic vista.
    Ram is easy to add later when moneys easier and same with the video card.
    It has to be a 9200? Would an E520 not do you ;-)

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    Thanks Mike for taking the time to look....I`am sorley tempted by the 520
    but the system I have now is a 8400 pentium 4 and I feel the 9200 will be more upgradable in the future... but in saying that , at the time I thought exacly the same when I purchased the 8400 :thinking:

    Thanks again Mike for your time and help BTW...your dell posts are quiet AWESOME!
    Maybe I will stick to the 8400 ATM and wait till you find 1 off them cracking deals for the 9200 with a 22" monitor upgrade.

    I still have and use an 8400 with P4 3.4Ghz cpu, 2gig ram, raid and an x850tx which is quite quick enough.

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    I still have and use an 8400 with P4 3.4Ghz cpu, 2gig ram, raid and an … I still have and use an 8400 with P4 3.4Ghz cpu, 2gig ram, raid and an x850tx which is quite quick enough.

    Sorry to ask Mike but some advice would be great here then..
    I recently purchased 4 gig of the kingston DDR2 PC2-5300 667MHz ram from ebuyer and as you will know this dam system as limitations with 4gig, what is the best options to increase perforfance with the sticks I have. ?

    I did install the 4 sticks and the system still performs ok showing as 3.25 gig in device manager but I feel I`am missing something....I`am only on xp home so would xp-pro be better with the 4 gig
    or should I just use the 2 sticks in my setup.

    I did disable the virtual memory option which seems to help but I still think I`am missing something important so your expertise would be invaluble as you know the in`s and out`s of all the dell machines especially the 8400 as you still have 1 :thumbsup:

    PS: still only got the basic x300 radeaon PCIe card in but would like a better card but must be very quiet can you recommend 1. found this in the e-520 thread and look AOK but do you think it will fit in the 8400 ok ?


    I do have hyperthreading enabled but what do you think is best for the system. ?

    The 3.3gig memory limit applies to all 32 bit os systems, not just dells. You probably would have been better off with 2gig and upgrading the graphics to something with onboard memory. Leave as is now you have done it but upgrade the card if you need to for gaming. I wont recommend graphics cards as there are just too many to choose from. Take a look at the chart via the sidebar of my blog for something better than you already have if you feel you need to upgrade it.
    The flavour of xp will make no difference btw. Hyperthreading enabled here.

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    Thanks Mike for all your help and you have cleared up a few of the niggles I was concerned about. TOP MAN and again a Big Thank You.
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