Advice on dell XPS M1330

    I bought a dell laptop XPS M1330 last year january.paid £650 since then ive had a few problems like the graphics card went down and they came and replaced the part as it was a known problem in the xps m1330 models.

    then the bluetooth started to play about and they couldnt work it out so again they changed the part but now if i wanted to switch the bluetooth off i couldnt and when they tried they couldnt either.

    so they had agreed now to send me a replacement.

    had replacement 3 weeks ago and now am getting static shock and andthe touch pad keeps going down so i rang them today and told them of the problem

    straight away they said they will send me another replacement as it was a known health and safety issue,
    am not happy overall ive asked for some kind of compensation as its causing me inconvinance

    just had a call from them they are giving me 2 choices either i get a full refund what i paid or get a brandnew replacement.

    i like this syestem very much its small compact,light weight just superb not sure what to do.

    any advice?, has anybody else been in same situation?

    my last m1330 laptop was pentium 4,160 gb hard drive,2gb ram which was replaced with core 2 duo, 4gb insted of 2gb and 160gb hard drive


    get your money back and buy a new one after xmas

    Yeah the new ones are coming out soon, get your money back and buy the new one in the new year, the old xps have far too many quality control problems..
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