Advice on dental phobia?

Posted 15th Mar
Hi , sorry this is not deal or shopping related but l need some help...

So I am absolutely terrified of the densit. To the point l will not go for years at a time and they're in a awful state. I had managed to drag myself into the dentist chairseveral times over about 10 years with the help of a small dose of Diazepam, prescribed by the dentist.

I still need a lot of work doing and have gone back to find my old dentist has left and the new one will not prescribe me diazepam? I feel desperate as I have had a crown come away and have lost another tooth near the front of my mouth and its affecting my confidence massively but theres no way I can even think of treatment without something to calm me for the treatment. I cannot afford private treatment.

Any thoughts?
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Maybe see you doctor and explain how you’re feeling and ask them to prescribe you some diazepam before your dentist visit.
I say you should talk to your doctor about this
phobia are difficult to overcome unless you are really strong willed and willing to die and risk it all, as it feels like this when you have to face your phobia. have you tried hypnosis? i understand it can help.
Take headphones so that so that your not so focused on the drills
Speak to your dentist or find another dentist that is better suited to your needs, if it's something you can't overcome then they can refer you to a sedation clinic
My mum was the same; didn't go for years and then needed four stumps taking out at the front of her mouth. My dentist refused her request for a general anaesthetic and offered her only sedation, but her carer one day just happened to mention that her dentist referred her to the local hospital for dental work under a general, so she switched to that dentist and had the work done within a couple of months. The practice happened to be Genix; maybe they're a national chain. Phone round and ask different practices. Good luck.
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Make sure you find a dentist who is phobia trained, many private dental practices will have at least one practising dentist with specialist training, I doubt the NHS ones will but they can refer to private phobia dentists in some circumstances (and you only pay the NHS cost rather than the private costs). Alternatively, speak to your GP about perhaps being prescribed diazepam for dental appointments, I'm sure they will oblige if it's genuine.
I am the same, because of a bad experience when i was a kid (in the 70s, pretty sure the dentist was an ex Nazi). My phobia is not so much the pain, but to have things in my mouth against my will (hands with gloves, tools, sucking tube etc), and a terrible gagging reflex. I have just changed dentist, and that the first thing i told the dentist. i usually sit, with the chair not too reclined and i try to take myself to a happy place, while the dentist does his thing. Speak to the dentist, you should not have to suffer nowadays, and you may ask them to take their times instead of rushing like some do, though on the NHS i am not sure you would have that option.
Dentist near the me that will put you to sleep. Only one I've heard of that will do that. My answer though is to find a dentist you like. Mine is really nice and we have a laugh and a chat. Guess that sort is few and far between but ask about. Mines family run. Or just find one that puts you to sleep
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I think the secret is to zone out and fully concentrate on anything else.
A movie, what you've having for your tea, travelling from point A to B and visualise what you'd see en route etc.
Just look up sedation dentist near you and they'll give u an injection and you probably won't even remember u were there!
Ask can you be sedated, your still there but totally out of it .

Long you don’t go there worse you will be
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