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    were off to disney florida again next year and although last year we did 14 days disney this year we want to do universal as we didnt do it last year and also alot of people say its alot better kids with ages as mine are, we found disney ok but a bit of a waste so we are also doing swimming with dolphins which includes seaworld which we also loved last time so getting that ticket which includes swim and seaworld and we want universal passes but we would like to know if they do a day pass to disney itself ie magic kingdom and mgm if so how much are they and do they do the bogof day like seaworld do ???


    I go every year - I buy annual pass to universal/islands and it costs just a fraction more than a normal 3 days pass, cheaper thann a 5 day and once you buy one, they renew every year for $99, I used to live in florida so started buying them then when I was resident but have carried on - also the sea world and new water par are roughly $10 more for an annual and you do not have to pay parking.
    With the Universal one you buy the most expensive pass as the 1st one then you buy the other passes (cheaper ones) you only need the one expensive on for getting the free parking which is $10 per day i and 10% of dining, so no point in all having the first pass you want any advice please pm me

    Undercover tourist are very good and reliable. Good Value with the strong pound ie you pay in dollars but it is converted using their generous rate. Tickets are dispatched from Edinburgh so arrive in a few days. When visiting parks its best to only buy what you need in the amount of days and options. The UK disney tickets are expensive if you dont want certain options such as park hopping or Water Parks. After all its supposed to be magic your way!!!

    Check them out on line....they get good reviews!!:thumbsup:

    If you like Undercover tourist Prices save a few more dollars with this link from…732
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