Advice on dodgy cheque scam...

    DONT PANIC!!....I may be blond but Im not doing what he asks..

    I know not to allow this to go ahead...

    I just need advice on who to report it to.

    Im selling a few things via my local "Friday-Ad"
    I have allowed the option on emailing enquiries,
    So today I recieved an email asking the condition on the item and whether Id would take a cheque..
    I replied and said a cheque would be ok as long as I had a proof of address or cheque card.

    He then replies with the scam of ..."Ill get this person to send you a cheque for £ bank it..." blah blah blah...

    So he has an email address...but dont know where to report him really...Yahoo?...Friday ad?

    Any ideas please...




    I wouldn't waste your time. NO crime has been committed, has it?

    Kimbo-frog think you have done the right thing posting on here and maybe afew other sites the more people that are aware the fewer they can scam..
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