advice on drills/drivers

    Im looking at replacing my draper drill its very rubbish and batteries die in seconds.

    Im looking to spend around 150 for a decent diy kit which includes batteries, box, charger, drill and driver setup. Something like a makita set would be ideal.

    I dont do a lot of diy but want something reliable to hand if needed.

    Any advice or pointers would be appreciated, i dont understand the different between the 10-13mm which I think is to do with the size of the bits?

    Thanks in advance



    Depends what the 10-13mm context is? Is it not the chuck size your asking about? If so then it can take up to those size drill bits
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    I would get this or this (May not be cheapest) or if you prefer makita this
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    Get one with a LI-ION battery much better than the old Ni-Cad

    ok, Someone on here said about two possibilities, If your going to use it often one battery is better than another which may get used infrequently, so to save yourself on a battery in the future.

    HITACHI from screwfix 18v twin set of impact driver and drill with case and two batteries is enough for all normal DIY and should fit your budget. Non give 3 year warranty normally but Hitachi do.

    hi check out Screwfix, item no 6948h, makita 18v drill with a 4ah battery for£100, you won't go far wrong with that though I think offer may end tomorrow, I got 1 earlier today

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    I have that in the basket at the moment

    Could just add a driver to the box.

    yes forgot to say you could then get a bare driver from somewhere, Screwfix are not usually the cheapest on bare tools,1 battery for infrequent use would be fine as they last a long time and if you found you were doing more diy then add a second battery down the line, 3 year g/tee is available online though I find makita good tools

    was using cheap li-ion drill till about month ago, bought the JCB from b&q and have to say well
    leased and fits in your budget.

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    I bought the makita drill from screwfix, whats a decent makita driver only one I can find is a similar price without a battery

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    Sadly I was too slow and never got it ordered. My fault, screwfix deal has ended


    Sadly I was too slow and never got it ordered. My fault, screwfix deal … Sadly I was too slow and never got it ordered. My fault, screwfix deal has ended

    B&Q have the drill+impact driver for £142 online special at the moment - although they are the 1.3Ah batteries they are Li-ion.…prd

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    Ideally I was after 2a and above mate.

    Anyone know of any other good deals, should have got the screwfix one

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    Manage to get the screwfix deal for 99

    Therefore this can now be deleted.
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