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Found 27th Sep 2012
hi people can someone help me out,
i have a dvr recorder up in the the spare room and the router down stairs its to far to run rj45 cable to the router is there something that will work wireless? as i want to view the cctv images on my iphone or if im away could someone explain if the above can be done?
and on cheap?
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Why is it too far? Can't you get a longer cable?
Use a pair of powerline adapters. Plug one into a mains socket near each device and plug in an ethernet cable to each device.

Use this setup on my sons X-box works a treat.

It's prob 30-40 metre if I was to wire it in right

Use a pair of powerline adapters. .

this is your best bet
Ok thanks
Where is the cheapest place to get some?
I have a similar set up to this except mine is in the loft and i have problems finding the right cable to connect it into the tv downstairs. will use power line to connect it into the router though but just don't know which cable would be long enough to go round the outside and connect into TV.
You can use a network cable up to about 300 feet .Buy some good quality solid core cat5e cable with plenty of outer shield and it should be fine. Make your own cable its easy and at least you know what you are using. You can even use cat5e for video (using a pair of baluns), power and audio or data all in one cable it keeps things nice and tidy.
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