Advice on Ebay sale if possible

    Wondering if anyone can offer advice.

    I bought an item for my retail shop on ebay. It was advertised as an item for retail shops and the picture shows an item with english writing on the display.

    I received an item that has a foreign (I think it is Polish, but not sure) language on the display, foreign instructions, and no UK mains plug. The seller is in the UK.

    I have double checked and the picture definitely shows 100% english writing and it being plugged into an English plug, so I have not received the item that was pictured, and it's advertised as a UK shop retail display - but I cannot display something to my customers if they can't even understand the language for words like "Weight" "Unit" "Price" etc. are all in a foreign language (not digital, this is built into the display headings so it's not changeable).

    I paid £10 delivery for the item to be delivered, and now the seller is saying I must pay £10 to send it back via courier, and he will not refund me the postage, so I will have paid £20 because he did not list the item correctly and showed a picture of a totally different item.

    He's also said that if he believes the item has been used in any way, he will not refund anything, and at this point, I will no longer have the item and not have a refund. I've unpacked it and set it up but not used it - and can't even test it as I don't have an adaptor right now to plug it in - but I'm a bit worried that he's just going to say it's used you're not having a refund.

    Does anyone know where I stand with this? I had to leave negative feedback to get him to agree to a return at all so I have already left negative feedback. Should I make a paypal dispute? Am I entitled to a full refund as it's not as described, including postage costs, or not. I'm not sure of my rights, but it is definitely 100% not the item in the picture on the auction, it is the same model but clearly one made for a different country.


    That's why I dislike ebay. I would take it up with PayPal. Will the item work on our voltage?

    put a clain in through paypal, and explain it all to them


    put a clain in through paypal, and explain it all to them


    item number please, i want to ask him if they are english with english instructs, and see what he replies, if thats ok

    put a claim in through paypal as 'item not as described'

    The picture should be of what is supplied, no problem though go to the EBAY site and to the resolution centre and file a claim. If he doesn't issue a refund including postage to you, ebay will take it from his account.
    Had a problem with an American purchase, the seller was well pi__ed when they debited her account!!

    Whatever way to file a claim with paypal you're going to be out £10 to return it however Paypal will refund you original P&P costs.
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